11. Ruská Bystrá

The wooden Greek Catholic church of the Translation of the Relics of St. Nicholas, 1730, NKP

    Wooden filial church in Ruská Bystrá was built at the beginning of 18th century in the year 1730. St. Nicholas was chosen to be its patron.
    From the architectonic point of view we speak about classic object divided into three spaces - narthex, nave and sanctuary. From the western part, from narthex arises massive tower, finished with an onion dome and three-barred cross. Second, smaller tower is of similar shape and is located above the sanctuary. Both are covered with wooden shingles. The entrance is covered by wooden pillars, which support roofing structure.
    Iconostasis was originally created for other church, because it doesn't fit with its dimensions into this church. It has five rowed architecture on five levels. First, main row contains the icons of the Theotokos (Hodigitria) and Christ the Teacher. Other icons of the first row - St. Nicholas and curiously St. Paraskeva are places on the side wall. Royal doors are adorned with scenes from the Annunciation and four Evangelists. They are dated to the 17th century. Second row of feasts has an icon of the Last (Mystical) Supper in the middle. Third, apostolic row is divided by the icon of Christ the High Priest with the icons of the Theotokos and St. John the Baptist on the sides. Iconostasis is finished above the row of prophets with Calvary, which is bending because of the lack of space underneath the ceiling.
    Noteworthy is also the precious icon of the Crucifixion on the altar. The church underwent complete renovation of both, interior and exterior. Renovations lasted till 1989.
    This church, together with eight other wooden churches were registered on July 8th 2008, with UNESCO and placed on the World Heritage List, under the title "Wooden Churches of the Slovak part of the Carpathian Mountain Area" based on their outstanding universal value.

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